yesterday's  future

The first collection of the brand is definitely a new approach to upcycling, which was created from vintage denim. The novelty lies in rethinking the process of clothing alteration, as upcycling is quite stereotypical nowadays. UPSLOWUSE has created high-quality clothing with a complex futuristic-feminine form, and most importantly, all the elements of the collection can be replicated in an unlimited quantity, providing room for scaling in the fashion industry.

The choice for the main material of the collection fell on denim - as it is one of the most common and popular textiles in the world, but at the same time, its creation requires a large amount of the planet's resources and negatively impacts the environment.

The clothing in this collection is completely eco-friendly, as it is also fully recyclable. Only high-quality denim with 100% cotton composition was selected for sewing. Old cotton shirts were used as lining, which also have a different color in each product. It is known that cotton can be recycled into new fabric or yarn, so these items can have a second life after use.

The collection is inspired by the search for self-identity, and each piece tells a certain story. Asymmetry, unfinished edges - it's about imperfection but uniqueness. The only symmetrical and perfectly finished element of the collection is the NISUS top. It embodies the human desire for perfection but reminds us that there is something much more interesting inside each person, so the top can be worn inside out, with a colored shirt on top. Additionally, each product will have a different color.

The INHERITANCE skirt has a cocoon shape as an embodiment of the framework we genetically inherit from our ancestors, such as physiological data and appearance. But with the help of a zipper, you can change the neckline and fit of the skirt, symbolizing the power of a person to be who they want to be, regardless of external factors.

The MEMORIES dress is based on the designer's childhood sketches, which is why there is such naive symmetry present. Because in childhood, we are just ourselves, not who our parents, friends, or even we ourselves saw us as. This speaks to the boldness of just being, without society's judgments.